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“This tremulous-voiced troubadour could be a British Bon Iver, destined to take folk traditions in unexpected directions” Guardian

“It’s his song writing, the layered harmonies and trembling vocals – that make him stand out.” The Independent

“Astonishing… The voice. That’s the thing. A cracked, vulnerable sound rising in strength during the verse and soaring in the chorus… full of anger and hope, passion and beauty.” The Telegraph

Luke Sital-Singh returns with new EP The Breakneck Speed Of Tomorrow, available as a digital download/stream now and released on 10” vinyl and limited edition 10” vinyl (with hand-printed letterpress sleeve) on September 25th on Raygun Records. Huw Stephens gave lead track Still it’s first radio play on Radio 1 last night as his ‘Hottest Record In The World’.

The Breakneck Speed Of Tomorrow, his first new material since last year’s debut album The Fire Inside, Luke’s sound has undergone a subtle revolution. Recorded simply with unobtrusive production, nevertheless these are the most fully realised songs he has ever released. Quietly intense opener Still rides on an elastic electric guitar riff, while the piano-led My Future is both melodically beautiful and lyrically touching (“Are you my future? My hallelujah? You make my blood luminous with your light”). The acoustic I Was Low begins quietly before bursting into a stunning falsetto chorus, and the EP closes with Letting You Go, which lyrically gives the EP it’s title (“in the breakneck speed of tomorrow, I’m never letting you go”).

At the centre of it all, carrying the songs, giving them devastating emotional heft, is Luke’s extraordinary voice; beautiful, tender, bruised, tremulous, defiant. UK tour news to follow soon.