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Orbital have released two remixes by Brazilian techno superstar ANNA of their seminal single “Belfast”, thirty years after the original’s emotive energy began to captivate clubbers. The remixes kick-off the ’30 Something’ celebrations for the pioneering electronic duo comprised of brothers Phil and Paul Hartnoll.

ANNA may have been only six years old when “Belfast” was first released, but she certainly understands Orbital in their purest form. Her powerful ‘Techno Remix’ injects earthy heft with rattling, tribal drums underpinning the iconic melodies of the original, giving off a fittingly strident update on ‘90s techno aesthetics. ANNA’s ‘Ambient Remix’ strips things back and hones in on the production’s captivating leads and enigmatic vocals, offering a laid back but enthralling take.

“We are really pleased to be starting off our 30 Something season with a real belter,” comments Paul. “It’s a twin set from ANNA remixing Belfast. She has delivered a high energy refreshed mix that simultaneously takes the track to parts of the dance floor it’s never seen, while staying true to the spirit and sound of the original.

“But there’s more! She has also delivered a sublime ambient mix that encapsulates all the warmth and love of the original while sounding like the whole thing was dreamed up yesterday. Thoroughly modern yet paradoxically timeless.”

Big thanks to ANNA for giving us this perfect start to a celebration of Orbital past, present and future, 30 Something has arrived in style!”

Stand by for news of more ’30 Something’ releases from Orbital.